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The history.

Jan Brons

Jan Brons was born in Wagenborgen (holland) in 1865.
His father was a carpenter and also Jan became one after his school.
Jan Brons had a natural talent with things mechanical and, within a couple of years, had begun production of paraffin engines.
The diesel engine and its emergence on the European market attracted Jan Brons' attention as the system of the future.
In those early days the diesel engine suffered fuel and air pump problems so Jan Brons set about developing and building an engine that, while operating on the diesel principle, eliminated the troublesome fuel and air pumps.
This was no simple task but, after two years of experiments, an engine using the Brons pre-chamber design had been produced.
In 1904 he got the German patent to protect his invention.
In 1907 the new factory was build in Appingedam.
In 1911 they decide to open there own foundry.
The Brons engines enjoyed a good reputation and, by 1920, some 95% of stationary engines production was being exported.
By 1927 the Brons company were even building diesel engines of conventional direct injection design, operating on both two and four stroke principle.
The last Brons pre-chamber engine was build in 1946. 
Even by the Brons company there where problems to sell their engines (example) during world war one and two.  
Year number of Hp People in duty number of engines
1913 6000 Hp 185 people ?
1919 2600 Hp 135 people ?
1929 8000 Hp 300 people ?
1932 1500 Hp 80 people ?
1957 16000 Hp 456 people 49
1963 23500 Hp 390 people 62
1975 30700 Hp 500 people 23
1977 26950 Hp 260 people 18

Jan Brons died in 1954 (he was 89 years old) and until that time still working in the drawing room.

His last place at "Rusthof" in Appingedam.

Over the years the Brons company were involve with other manufacturers, such as Stork, MAN, Daf and by 1976 engines of 3,200Hp were not uncommon.
Engine production continued until 1989 when the company was taken over by the Waukesha Engine division.
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Mr Henk Huisman with a Waukesha engine.

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Facts and stories are from the book "van Bakjeknapper tot Turbodiesel" written by J.Vegter.

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